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Original painting painted on stretched canvas with acrylic paint and sculpted coating.

Work decorated with numerous reliefs.


The colors are mainly: blue, gold, white.

Edges painted black

Acrylic paint, ink, varnish, plaster.


Back from exhibition.

A work with strong reliefs, which makes it possible to reconstruct the effects of the waves hitting a hill on a stormy day. Sensation supported by its cloud-laden sky.


An abstract painting is ideal for interior decoration, it brings color and character.


We are undeniably in the era of recycling and an urgent need to consume responsibly. As a result, I am committed to using recycled canvases most of the time and within the limits of my possibilities. That is to say, give the possibility to a canvas to have a second life by repainting a new work on the original. But it also aims to allow you to acquire a canvas made by a painter with a lower cost, for the purpose of art accessible to all. In addition, this process is almost imperceptible at the time of the final result and therefore has many advantages.


The photos can unfortunately sometimes tarnish the reality on the shiny and scintillating side that I try to bring to my paintings. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain results as satisfactory in photos as with the canvas in real life.

Painting on relief canvas "Waves on the hills" 80x30cm

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